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Dirty pics for her lumberjack to jack to
2010-Jul-2 14:30

Naughty Neighbors July 2010: 45 Photos of Dolli Lo

"I'm sorta dating a lumberjack,??? said Dolli. "I mean, I see him whenever he gets time off and comes to visit. Then we screw till we're exhausted and only go out to eat. There are no females at all up north in Manitoba where he works, and I may go out with other guys now and then but they won't get lucky with me. My guy took these photos to get off with when he's horny, then I decided to send them to NN to get money so I can go to visit him sometime.???

Dirty pics for her lumberjack to jack to Dirty pics for her lumberjack to jack to

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Deep Inside Sequoia
2010-Jul-1 14:30

Amateur Video Specials: 16:27 Minute Video of Sequoia Red

Sequoia doesn't like to keep her clothes on. Our videographer starts asking her about sex, and within seconds, Sequoia is fiddling with her skirt, anxious to take it off.

"I like clothes that come off easily,??? she says.

She's wearing a matching bra and panties, which is nice, and asks, "Whaddya think???? We think she should take off her bra and panties, which she does, and before we know it, Sequoia is having at herself. Kudos to our videographer, by the way, for some great close-ups of Sequoia deep-fingering her meaty pussy. Then he gets under her chair so we're looking straight up as her asshole as she fingers her pussy some more, then grips her ass cheeks and pulls them apart. The only way to get any closer to her would be if you were fucking her. And even then, the views wouldn't be nearly as good.

Deep Inside Sequoia Deep Inside Sequoia

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She Banged Her Man In His SUV
2010-Jun-30 14:30

Newcummers (Score Special 197): 45 Photos of Addison

When Addison, 23 and Charlie, 25, were in Miami on vacation, they visited the office to ask about fucking for our cameras. We told them we'd have a cameraman ready to go whenever they were. So, about 30 minutes later, they were in action. They didn't want to fuck on a bed??“too traditional??“so they did their thing in the back of their SUV; something they do quite often.

"We both enjoy screwing in the SUV in public places where we might be seen," said Addison. "The uncertainty of possibly being interrupted adds to the thrill for both of us. Screwing for a magazine is not the same, obviously, but knowing that heaps of guys and couples, too, I hope, will get their jollies from seeing us fucking is thrilling as well. Charlie wasn't the only one to get off: I had a loud orgasm that just kinda snuck up on me and shocked us all."

She Banged Her Man In His SUV She Banged Her Man In His SUV

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I Guess This Trumps My Tattoos And Piercings, Mom?
2010-Jun-29 14:30

Naughty Neighbors June 2010: 52 Photos of Brandi Spears

"I've seen in NN that some girls worry about their parents' reaction if they found out their daughter was in a porn mag," Brandi said. "My mom was surprised when I got my first tattoo, but when I got more, and then got my nipple pierced, she said that nothing I do will surprise her anymore. I'd love to have a guy come up to me in the future and say he recognizes me from NN. Knowing that he's seen my spread pussy would be so exciting, I think."

I Guess This Trumps My Tattoos And Piercings, Mom? I Guess This Trumps My Tattoos And Piercings, Mom?

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She's A Dirty, Little Girl!
2010-Jun-28 14:30

Naughty Neighbors June 2010: 67 Photos of Jada Gold

"I shagged a bloke for the first time on the day I turned 16 and it became legal, and I hardly stopped since," said Jada. "I love sex; can't get enough of it. But I'm not a slag; I won't shag any old bloke and I don't go for one night stands. I have a two-date rule before I'll spread my legs. And my other rule is that if a guy can't make me cum the first time we shag, he won't get another chance. I'm not going to waste time with a guy who can't satisfy me, there are too many others out there who are eager to do the job properly."

She's A Dirty, Little Girl! She's A Dirty, Little Girl!

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She Couldn't Do This At Mardi Gras!
2010-Jun-28 14:30

Newcummers (Score Special 197): 44 Photos of Charlie Lynn

"I went to Mardi Gras in New Orleans with my boy-friend and got tons of beads for flashing my tits," Charlie said. "Since I loved that, he said I should take it further and get naked for a magazine. He showed me his porn mags for the first time. I liked Newcummers. Then I couldn't wait to get naked in his backyard and let him take the dirty pictures. I was really excited by the time we finished and I orgasmed as soon as he pushed his dick into me."

She Couldn't Do This At Mardi Gras! She Couldn't Do This At Mardi Gras!

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She Posed For Her Guy's 30th Birthday
2010-Jun-25 14:30

Naughty Neighbors June 2010: 59 Photos of Alexia Hughes

"I posed for my boyfriend's birthday...his 30th birthday," said Alexia. "We've been dating for six months and while we've looked at a lot of NN???mags together at his place, he never said anything about me posing. So my suggesting it to him was a surprise. He jumped me right away, and, I swear, his cock was bigger and harder than I'd ever seen it and he humped me like crazy, so I knew he loved the idea."

"I'd find it hard to start dating younger guys again if my man and I split up," said Alexia. "The guys about my age that I was with in the past were selfish and clueless in bed and didn't seem to care if I was enjoying myself or not. They just wanted to get into my pussy, cum and be done with it. Now I've discovered that having sex can take ages, with lots of teasing, building up to near-cumming and then calming down before building up again; stuff like that. So now I'm practically begging to cum the first time because I can't take much more fucking. That's how sex is supposed to be."

She Posed For Her Guy's 30th Birthday She Posed For Her Guy's 30th Birthday

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Getting Rid Of Her Sexual Hang-ups
2010-Jun-25 14:30

Newcummers (Score Special 197): 45 Photos of Nena Linda

"I was really into this guy, but he dumped me because, he said, I had too many hang-ups about sex," said Nena. "He was only the second guy I'd ever screwed and sometimes I wasn't sure what to do. But I was trying really hard to be uninhibited when we had sex. I was upset about it till my girlfriend talked me into posing for her and sending the photos in for publication. She said if I could do this, then I don't have any hang-ups, and I need a guy who appreciates that I'm a learner at sex and will teach me."

Getting Rid Of Her Sexual Hang-ups Getting Rid Of Her Sexual Hang-ups

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Katie Lewis' Fourth Cock
2010-Jun-24 14:30

Amateur Video Specials: 18:21 Minute Video of Katie Lewis

Katie Lewis, an 18-year-old student from Alabama (born in Mississippi), tells us she find out about when she saw the website. Her interest was piqued immediately.

"I would really like to have sex with a real stud,??? said Katie, who's 5'9??? tall and weighs 144 pounds. The tits are B-cups. The birth date is June 28, 1991.

Katie think she'll be better than the other girls on, but that's for you to decide. She also said. "I haven't really sucked many guys' dicks, so I don't know if I'm good at it.??? This will be the fourth cock she's sucked. How did she do? Again, that's for you to decide. So go ahead. Decide.

Katie Lewis' Fourth Cock Katie Lewis' Fourth Cock

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A Bush Baby Who Likes Guys Her Age
2010-Jun-23 14:30

Newcummers (Score Special 197): 43 Photos of Mikela Kennedy

You can't call this sexy divorcee a cougar because Mikela doesn't go on the prowl for younger guys in their 20s or 30s. "I go for sexy, available guys in their 40s who are more experienced and caring lovers," she said. "And we should, in theory anyway, have a lot more in common than I would have with a much younger guy. After all, a couple has to take time off from screwing now and again??“like for the guy to recuperate??“so it's nice to be able to carry on a meaningful conversion. When I was first divorced, I did have a couple of flings with guys in their early 20s, but neither of them had ever been with a female who had pubes and it was very hard to get either of them to go down on me as the pubes put them off. I might trim my pubes, but I'm not shaving them off, and guys in their 40s are used to hair down there."

A Bush Baby Who Likes Guys Her Age A Bush Baby Who Likes Guys Her Age

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Breaking In His Christmas Present With Porn
2010-Jun-22 14:30

Naughty Neighbors June 2010: 51 Photos of Haylee Heart

"I gave my guy a digital camera for Christmas," said Haylee. "I was at his place a few days later and he told me that he'd figured out how to use it, and he wanted photos of me to email to his folks who I've never met. I let him take a couple of suitable photos, then I flashed my tits. He liked that, so I kept on going and this is what happened. A few days later, we were in a bookstore and we started looking at the porno mags. We bought a NN, and I decided that I wanted to be in it. So here I am."

Breaking In His Christmas Present With Porn Breaking In His Christmas Present With Porn

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Posing For Revenge
2010-Jun-21 14:30

Newcummers (Score Special 197): 40 Photos of Taylor

"I caught the guy I'd been dating for, like, two years in bed with a woman he worked with who's in her 40s," said Taylor. "I actually caught them doing anal! He tried to tell me that it was the only reason that he was cheating; she'd do anal and I wouldn't. I don't intend to have anal sex till I get married."

"So who took these photos? Well, there's this real hunk of a guy who lives right across from me in the apartment building. We always talked when we ran into each other and I knew he was always checking me out. So I actually asked him out for a drink. We got on really well, so when we got home, I took him to bed and screwed his brains out. He's recovering from a busted relationship, too, so we're going out a bit and screwing a lot but with no pressure and no promises. We're having the best sex I've ever had, by far. So why did I pose? Well, the guy I dumped buys Newcummers, and I want him to see that I'm doing better than ever without him."

Posing For Revenge Posing For Revenge

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She Got Sexed By A Stud
2010-Jun-21 14:30

Naughty Neighbors June 2010: 69 Photos of Kylie Ann

Kylie, 18, (5'3", 105 pounds, 32A bras) is a store clerk from New Orleans, Louisiana, who fantasized about doing some porn. Her roommate's boyfriend buys NN regularly, and from looking through mags, Kylie saw that she could come to Miami and fuck a stud for us. "I got a mini-vacation, the chance to live my fantasy, and a check. That's great," she said. "Bran took me out for dinner the night before, so we weren't strangers when we got in front of the cameras. It was no different for me than screwing a guy on a first date."

"I like a guy to take charge during sex, telling me what to do, how to move and all that sort of thing, and that's exactly what Bran did," said Kylie. "As you can see from the photos, we screwed in all sorts of positions, some of them new for me. But I was really into it and I had a big orgasm when I was filled with Bran's big cock. That's by far the biggest cock I've ever had in me...and I totally loved it! I think size does matter. In future, I'll judge other guy's cocks against Bran's."

"I hope the readers don't think I'm weird or anything, but I really wanted Bran to cum on my face at the end," Kylie said. "No guy has ever done that to me-well, I've been too shy to ask-and I've always thought that it's ultra sexy, dirty, erotic...what-ever you want to call it. I mean, I love feeling a guy cumming in my pussy with all the twitching and jizzing, but taking Bran's load on my face was way better than taking it over my titties. I loved the whole experience, but now I have to get a new fantasy. I think that will be fucking two guys at the same time."

She Got Sexed By A Stud She Got Sexed By A Stud

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Pose Or Paint?
2010-Jun-18 14:30

Naughty Neighbors June 2010: 51 Photos of Elena Cole

"My guy wanted to paint his apartment," Elena said. "I hate doing stuff like that, but I said I'd help. When he took a photo of me painting to show our friends, I flashed my tits. So he took more photos and we had sex, and a friend helped him finish the job the next weekend. I want to be in NN so I can think about all the guys fantasizing about doing sexual things with me."

"I love my toy," said Elena. "I leave it at my guy's place because he uses it on me just as much as I use it on myself. I don't need anything that buzzes; I just like to have my hole filled up. That gets me off big time. My guy does me with the toy while I give him a hand-job. We try and time it so we both cum at the same time. Just recently, he's gotten the toy really lubed up and used it in my butt. The first time hurt a bit, but now I love the sensations, even though they don't make me cum. He's screwed me while I had the toy in my ass and that felt awesome. Next up is his cock in there."

Pose Or Paint? Pose Or Paint?

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Her New Guy's Turn To Take Pics
2010-Jun-18 14:30

Newcummers (Score Special 197): 46 Photos of Chealsea Love

We have featured Chealsea before (SP185). Now she has a new guy who was pissed that her former boyfriend got to take "dirty" photos of her that made it into Newcummers. He wanted to do it, too, so Chealsea called us and we said we'd consider featuring her again if the new pics were hot. So her man was happy, they had wild sex afterwards, and you guys get to enjoy her again. Okay?

Her New Guy's Turn To Take Pics Her New Guy's Turn To Take Pics

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A Peek Into Lacey's Backyard
2010-Jun-17 14:30

Amateur Video Specials: 13:09 Minute Video of Lacey Daniels

It's time for some backyard fun with Lacey Daniels, a 23-year-old nursing student who was born in Ohio and now lives in Hilton Head, South Carolina.

"I'm here to have a little fun," Lacey tells us.

What kind of fun?

"Bad girl fun!"

The fact that Lacey is studying to be a nurse doesn't surprise us because a lot of nurses are happy to show off their bodies for Nurses are very comfortable with being naked, which is a good thing because that makes them more open to sexual adventure. What's Lacey open to? Click and find out!

A Peek Into Lacey's Backyard A Peek Into Lacey's Backyard

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Redheaded Country Girl
2010-Jun-16 14:30

Newcummers (Score Special 197): 41 Photos of Destiny Rose

"This one time, I was at a gas station and I had just gotten out of my car when the gas station attendant came out and pointed to a Slippery When Wet sign and told me to be careful. Well, I thought he was hot so I told him that I was slippery when wet. He laughed and told me to be careful anyways because I might slip. And I told him that I might just slip on purpose so he could catch me. Well, I pumped my gas and then I went inside with my number written on a piece of paper and I told him that I'd found it on the ground outside and that I thought he might want to have it. He laughed so hard, but he called me! I guess you could say that I like to tease men. I'm a big flirt."

Redheaded Country Girl Redheaded Country Girl

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Showing She's Not Really Shy
2010-Jun-16 14:30

Naughty Neighbors June 2010: 43 Photos of Jamie Smith

"I wasn't shy about getting naked and stuff in front of my girlfriend so she could take these photos, but I'm really shy around guys that I don't know and they often think that I'm being a bitch and they ignore me," said Jamie. So, I don't get asked out on dates as often as I'd like. I haven't been having sex for very long, but I love it and I'd probably go all the way with a guy on a fourth date if I really like him. But if a guy expects sex on, like, a second date, then he's outta luck 'cause that's too soon for me."

"Some of my girlfriends are dating guys in their late 20s and early 30s and they tell me that's the way to go because the older guys are more considerate to their girls and they're way better in bed," said Jamie. "The guys I've had sex with didn't seem too interested in whether I had a good time or not; they were more concerned with cumming and then taking off to do something else. I don't think that's the way that sex should be unless you both know that you're just having a quickie. Sex should be taken slow with the girl getting to enjoy it, too."

Showing She's Not Really Shy Showing She's Not Really Shy

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Looking For Her 15 Minutes Of Fame
2010-Jun-15 14:30

Naughty Neighbors June 2010: 52 Photos of Krystal

Krystal was sexed by a stud in our March issue. She got home and asked us about posing solo. We told her to do it. "I'm not the kind of girl you'd take home to momma," said Krystal. "I love partying and doing things that most girls never do. That includes being in NN. It will be awesome to see myself buck-naked and fucking in two mags that guys all around the world get off with. It will probably be my only 15 minutes of fame, like Andy Warhol talked about. When I'm in my 70s, it will be fun to look back and remember."

Looking For Her 15 Minutes Of Fame Looking For Her 15 Minutes Of Fame

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She's So Pissed She's Only 18
2010-Jun-14 14:30

Newcummers (Score Special 197): 42 Photos of Madison Mason

Madison, 18, is a gas station store clerk from Smyrna, Georgia. She is 5'4", weighs 105 pounds and wears 32B bras. "I'm always flirting with guys who come into the store where I work, and I love it when they're obviously checking me out," she said. "So it was natural for me to decide to pose for the magazine after my boyfriend showed me a copy. I don't care who sees my private parts 'cause they're just looking at photos, not the real thing. Heck, I'd sell copies of my issue in the store, and autograph them for guys who buy it, but the old couple who own the place would go totally mental."

"I got my pussy jewelry in Atlanta when I went there with my girlfriend. I didn't tell my boyfriend; I wanted to surprise him," said Madison. "It sure did! He went crazy mad and I thought that we were gonna break up after being together for over a year. But once he found out that it wouldn't hurt his dick when we were having sex, he calmed down and now, I think, he kinda likes it. I mean, he pulls it with his teeth when he's licking me out."

She's So Pissed She's Only 18 She's So Pissed She's Only 18

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